InformationNews 2013 China (Qinghai) International Halal Food and Products Fair   

ICRIC 4 MAY- Opening Ceremony of the 7th Qinghai Halal Food and Products Exhibition 2013 was held with presence of foreign companies from more than 20 countries and domestic companies on April 30th. The fair work was commenced at 10 o’clock by attendance of Haw, Qinghai Governor and other local officials and Wan, the president of China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and Wang, the chief of Qinghai Council for Promotion of Trade and huge number of people.

Expressing his contentment by the ceremony, Qinghai Governor added that this is 7th Halal Exhibition which is being held in Xining which caused the boom in the city economy.

At the first moments of the fair work, Qinghai Governor and CCPIT authorities visited the booths. Iranian companies such as Born Stein Import and Export Co., Zaferan Zargol Agricultural Group, Persepolis Carpet, Kamyar Co., Aysuda Co. as well as Islamic Chamber Research and Information Center (ICRIC) and   Halal World Institute took part in the fair and while welcoming the Governor, explained their activities individually.

In the Evening, Xining Governor gave a party in which ICIRIC and Halal World representatives accompanying by Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry representatives and commercial consular of Iran Embassy participated.

Some meetings are arranged in the sidelines of the fair from which the first meeting was held to discuss around the topic “Cooperations in relation to Investment and trade between China and Islamic Countries” on April 30th. Commercial consolars from some countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan and also CCPIT authorities and Xining Governor and representatives of ICRIC and Iran Chamber and other audience were present in the meeting. Mr. Yu, one of the members of China Muslims Union, urged on the importance of Halal culture promotion and described about Halal Trade issues in the meeting. In this regard, Kamali Ardakani, , Iranian commercial consular, declared the trade volume between Iran and China in 2009 over passed 21 Bn/USD that has increased to 36 Bn/USD in 2012 and it is forecasted to reach 45 Bn/USD in the future and that the volume of mutual trade has been raised five-fold.

Najafi, ICRIC’s Director of International Affairs, delivered speech too and pointed out the history of ICRIC establishment and its objectives and introduced Halal World as one of the ICRIC’s major projects. Halal Culture Promotion, assisting Halal manufacturers and consumers, conducting training courses and issuing the Halal Certificate were mentioned as Halal World’s objectives. Then he declared the connection between Halal and economy and that the instruction used for Halal certificate issuance was approved by COMCEC in 2010. Halal World institute has 14 agencies around the world and awarded many certificates to foreign and domestic companies.

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Saturday, 04 May 2013 08:45


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