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ICCIMA 28 APRIL- 16th Board of Directors Meeting and 29th General Assembly of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA) and 10th Board of Directors of the Islamic Chamber Research and Information Center (ICRIC) was held on 24-25 April, 2013 in Doha, Qatar.

 According to the report of ICCIMA's public relations, in these meetings participated the representatives of chambers of commerce of Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkey, Uganda, UAE, Tunisia, Djibouti and Palestine.

 In these meetings was elected Sheikh Saleh Kamel as the president of Islamic Chamber and was agreed to the membership renewal of Afghan Chamber.

Mohammad Nahavandian, the head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) as one of the speakers emphasized on the participation of all Islamic countries and asked Islamic Chamber to promote the position of this chamber to a global level.

Iran Chamber's head called for increasing transparency and accountability of the Islamic Chamber's executive body to the members.

Pointing to the large changes in the global economy, he noted the need to strengthen the role of the Islamic Chamber.

Restating the importance of research and development, Nahavandian called for using the capacities of Islamic Chamber Research and Information Center (ICRIC) and strengthening this center in International economic and trade organizations.

Pointing to the Halal food standards and its three documents guidelines, accreditation and certification; Iran chamber's head said that the goal of these standards is to have an acceptable standard for Islamic religious and emphasized that in every Islamic country, the organizations of issuer certificate of accreditation can be chosen between public or private bodies.

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