Jabal Damavand Saba Trading Company. (PVT) has been established in September 2007 and benefiting from well experienced and organized staff started its international activity all over Middle East region, Europe, Asia and South America through direct business on agriculture products, food stuff (red meat, tuna fish, shrimp, and chicken), saffron, dried fruits and nuts, grains, legumes and fresh fruits meanwhile participating on all investment field with commercial and credit companies, institutions and banks besides providing technical engineering services to big agricultural farms.

At the moment company has a very strong business relationships with reputable producing and commercial companies in Europe, South America and East Asia which made it to be known as one of the most successful companies in Middle East on providing red meat and fishes from Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Ghana, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

And could gain a proper position and confidence of its business partners through well executing of its projects on red meat (beef and lamb), chicken, tuna fish, food stuffs, fruits, livestock feeds including barely, wheat, corn, …, and livestock feed concentrates and poultry feeds, fat powder for livestock and poultry consumption and raw petrochemical materials, and iron ware such as Steel, ….

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