Dubai Jabal Damavand Company has been established and registered with Dubai Department of Economic Development as "JABAL DAMAVAND GENERAL TRADING LLC." in 1991 and started its activities as a subsidiary of Jihad-e-Agriculture Pension Fund in Dubai. International marketing, creating and developing business relationship with foreign companies as well as facilitating international business communications have been the main activities of the company.

Expanding its international business activities Jabal Damavand Saba Trading Co. bought the company's shares after being established in 2007 to have it in its possession.

The whole activities of Dubai Jabal Damavand Co. (both as an independent company and as a subsidiary of Jabal Damavand Saba Co.) include international business, marketing and acting as a middleman to facilitate business communications moreover supporting other partners companies (Saba Jihad Investment Co.) subsidiaries to strengthen their export structure and expand their international business activities through Jabal Damavand Saba Trading Co.


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